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Contribution to Society (in German)

How Companies Make Significant Progress with their Unique Contribution to Society

Does your company have a really strong and committed "Contribution to Society"? As the most important pillar of your future viability, it ensures that you will still be relevant in the market tomorrow. In their plea for more social contribution, the expert duo Dominik von Au and Jon Christoph Berndt explain in detail what characterizes your contemporary "Contribution to Society", how you establish it and what everyone involved gets out of it. Those responsible for tomorrow must ask themselves these key questions:
1. What is the "Contribution to Society" of my company?
2. Why do all employees do what they do?
3. What would people miss if the company didn't exist?


Future-ready! (in German)

Identity in Disruptive Times—How Companies Become Future-ready

"Brand" is everyone by now! But just to be that is no longer enough in this fast moving, disruptive time: How does a distinctive company become a truly future-oriented company? How will it gain tomorrow its qualified and planned attention—and with it its share of the world’s "most valuable currency?" And how does it take advantage of this consideration, for the benefit of all involved and for more sales, turnover and profit? The expert duo Henkel & Berndt says why "brand work" jumps way too short nowadays and that nothing works if you are not future-ready. They put straight how to achieve that.


Attention (in German)

Why We so Often Miss It, and How to Get What We Want

Jon Christoph Berndt says: "Attention is the most valuable currency in the world." He makes us aware of this very important topic in today’s world by using trenchant observations and vivid examples. It is a fundamental topic for everyone—private, businesswise and socially and he explains that by listening carefully we give real and honest attention. He illustrates a world where we stop screaming to get attention and how the implementer will win: Emotionally and substantially.

Getabstract: “The book is on the one hand an ingenious analysis, on the other hand an opinion-strong pamphlet and last but not least a practical guide ... This multi-faceted approach makes the fast-paced and strong-linguistic book to a fruitful reading for almost anyone.” Get more information (in German)


You, Yourself, Are the Most Powerful Brand! (in German)

Polish Your Image with Human Branding!

What makes your heart beat faster? What do you have a burning desire for—and what do you want to avoid at any price? Especially in difficult times, it is important to polish your own image and position yourself clearly as a brand. The key lies in Human Branding. This technique makes the secrets of success achievable for everyone; with it, you can clearly identify your uniqueness. You will learn how you can live your unique characteristics and make them tangible for others. With Human Branding, you are sure to reach your goals, both in your professional and private life.
Manager Seminare: “The book explains to the reader how he can become an unforgettable brand ... successful and believable.”


You, Yourself, Are the Most Powerful Brand! (in German)

Polish Your Image with Human Branding! The Human Branding Handbook

The basics book “You Are the Most Powerful Brand!” will successfully support you in developing your own brand personality. The practice book shows concrete ways to make your own brand flourish.  With the help of numerous examples of personalities who have recreated or newly defined themselves, this book is a motivator, guide, and instruction manual all in one. It helps you explore new directions that promise predictable success. You can be the mouse who frees itself from its own frustration trap and makes its way to a new self-determined life.

Hamburger Abendblatt: “This book is encouragement, guide and manual, helping you find new paths for predictable success.”


Simply Distinctive! (in German)

How Awakening Clear Desire in Companies Makes Them More Successful

Nowadays, everyone is a "brand"—but that is no longer enough. How does a branded company turn into a distinctive company? Besides its daily fight at the point of sale, what does a company has to do to get its unique face in the crowd? And how can the company use the spotlight efficiently to increase its sales, turnover and profit—enhancing the benefit of all parties involved? Henkel & Berndt explain why only building a brand is not enough; but they discuss what a strong brand needs to get its unique face in the crowd. The authors cut right to the chase, disclosing what a company does to be extraordinarily unique.  

Marketing Review St. Gallen: “Berndt and Henkel provide a hands-on battle plan for the day-to-day battle for customer and consumer favor. Noteworthy is the choice of case studies, as the authors abandon the usual perpetual racers such as Google, Tesla and Amazon and instead provide deeper and more unique insights into medium-sized companies and service providers from the D / A / CH region.“


Benchmarken (in German)

How Companies with a Strong Brand Are More Successful—and Keep their Competitors at Distance

What makes a company distinctive and desirous? Why do some companies appear to be successful without any effort, and why do others try really hard but are not able to reap the fruit of their hard labor? Henkel & Berndt explain why brand positioning is not only necessary for global players but for everyone. And they cut right to the chase of what makes a company a benchmark: it gains the success that is desired by everyone, and it is ready for the future. And they disclose the secret of success by interviewing employees of companies that set the benchmark—all documented in detail.

Harvard Business Manager: „Impossible to explain clearer and more entertaining strategic brand management. Without high-level marketing prompts, the authors show how companies position themselves as a distinctive brand. This comes so practical, that you want to visit the featured companies and copy their favorite brands.“


Brand New (in German)

What Powerful Brands Really Need

Nowadays, how does a brand need to be positioned to be noticed in the ever-increasing cacophony of advertising messages? Is brand management really an outdated concept, no longer critical to increase sales and profits? To find the best answers, brand expert Jon Christoph Berndt® and marketing professor Sven Henkel® debate the best arguments in “Brand New.” They discuss their differing viewpoints, using numerous examples of large and small companies. Despite their differences, Henkel & Berndt agree that the brand is a matter for the boss: “A strong brand can only emerge when it is lived by everyone in the company. It requires courage, backbone, and time.“

Handelsblatt: „Very interesting and vivid.  The authors speak with established (family) businesses and the hidden champions of mid-sized companies about their recipes for success.”