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We create with you a common understanding of everything you do in the future—in the light of the ever faster changes in all areas and in many directions. Based on this, we define your identity. It is the central promise. We determine how it should come to life and draw up the concrete action plan with you.

  • Corporate Strategy
    We are your counterpart in defining your portfolio and goals.
  • Vision and Mission
    We define your "ideal state in the future" and determine how you get there with joint forces.
  • Brand Identity and Strategy
    We create the framework for the achievement of your company goals.
  • Brand Architecture
    We ensure the coherent perception of your products and services. It secures that your corporate strategy is effectively monetized.
  • Corporate Theme for the Communication 
    We create the strong emotional key message—what the tiger is with Esso and “Mrs. Antje” for the Gouda cheese from Holland.
  • Naming
    We invent—together with research and legal specialists—the name that benefits first of all your brand identity and makes it tangible.
  • Brand Strategy and Plan of Action
    We determine what is being done to bring your identity to life, deliver on your great promise, and achieve your business goals.


We approach the employees. Your key ambassadors must have the knowledge and the will and ability to act in line with your promise. And to honor it everywhere—with customers, interested parties and partners and in the public at large. All this through contemporary forms of cooperation and an exchange at eye level.

  • Common Understanding
    With impulse keynotes and workshops, we ensure that every employee knows and feels what constitutes the essence of the company, where everyone wants to work together and how they can achieve this.
  • Selection and Guidance of the Service Providers
    We find the best for every communication discipline, we brief them and ensure that their achievements bring your identity to life.
  • Sparring and Coaching
    As a "guardian of identity", we accompany you to the extent that all communication measures internally and externally pay into your brand perception.


Your future-oriented world of values determines the daily behavior of all. We ensure that your behavior is tangible at all contact points and unleashes the desired attitudes and beliefs. Therefore, we ensure that everyone feels valued and qualified. Furthermore, we evaluate and optimize your communication constantly.

  • Adequate Behavior
    We use interactive training to engage with each individual and make sure that they can, want and will do their bit to achieve your hard and soft goals.
  • Business Academy
    We develop—together with partners for all disciplines—your soft skills training program. Apart from the hard-skill training, it ensures that your employees are involved with heart, stomach and pulse.
  • Success Controlling
    We measure—together with specialized partners—the contribution of the lived brand identity to your result. So it is evaluable as a KPI.

Areas of Expertise and Services

Everything we do serves what everyone wants to be: ready for the future. We ensure that today you answer conclusively the question of your "what for" (as a decisive step beyond "why"); then move purposefully to where your prosperous tomorrow is; and take everyone with you into your promising future. Finally, you have to do less to achieve more. Next, your profit is made of two things: on the one hand the balance sheet, on the other hand the meaningful as well as fulfilling actions of everyone involved. We call this path #todayfortomorrow.

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